Why Small Businesses Need to Invest in Mobile Marketing?

mobileapps_big-1024x739Business is no different from a conflict. The market is the battlefield and your marketing tactics and strategies are the weapons you use to defeat the ever increasing competition and bring profit to your business or organization. There are business dictators who know the tricks to win all kinds of battles and in any battlefield. The elite businesses control the market at their disposal and these are the people who set the standards for us and we need to view that as a benchmark or a target to achieve. These big guns stamp their authority from the roots of the market to the very top of the business chain.

Small businesses have very little scope to succeed when it comes to competing with bigger or more established businesses. The market is already flooded with many businesses competing for profits and customer and consumer attraction, so in a practical sense there small businesses stand no chance amongst them. The reasons for the same are given below-


Big businesses have been in the market since a considerable period of time so they have established their name and popularity across all corners of the market. Small businesses are lesser known so their capacity to attract customers is meager.


In an established business clients, customers and consumers are in abundance and because of the long relationship between the business and the people, there is a trust which develops easily. A reputation is earned. When small businesses compete with the bigger ones, they find it hard to get clients as most of the latter are with the bigger businesses and the upcoming prospects will mostly opt to follow the reputed ones rather than new ones.


Big businesses have a humongous amount of money. Small businesses don’t. So when it comes to marketing, smaller ones are found in the shadows of the investment done by the bigger ones. Without the money the smaller businesses either perish or join the bigger ones.

Does this mean that the bigger companies will get bigger and the smaller ones just disappear? Is it better to join an established business rather creating a new business at a small scale? Is there any solution to overturn this?

A big ‘NO’ is the answer to all these questions. As it appears, the market is dominated by the elites and small businesses will be consumed by the power of the former- just like the case of David and Goliath. But, in real sense we forget that ‘the bridge is not crossed until we reach the bridge’. Yes. It is an overwhelming challenge to step foot into the market with a small business, but it is not a crime to do so. There is space for new prospects because the business thrives on competition, and with a smaller establishment you are certainly competing.

The biggest factor that might sway you away from setting up a small business is the element of limited money at our service. But, with a smart and tactful utilization of the limited amount money available, big targets can be achieved. Planning is one of the major things required as assistance to money, without proper planning millions of dollars might just be invested for nothing, in an opposite case- a few hundred dollars might earn you a fortune so planning is of prime importance.

Smart advertising and marketing are the ploys that one should implement tactically into the business growth plans. Marketing is key to do execute absolutely anything in a business. If you need to attract customers- marketing will help. If you need to increase sales- marketing is the answer. If you need to create an image in the market- marketing will come handy. If you need to build a brand- marketing is certainly the best option.

The only problem lays in the fact that marketing requires money and small businesses certainly don’t have that. The prominent rise of telecommunications has certainly answered the call for help by smaller establishments. Mobile marketing can become a phenomenon and help small businesses prevail. The mobile is a device used by all so there is a medium which can deliver the message effectively and hence support the business cause. The expenses required too, are minimal and help a business expand and spread its word across on a larger scale.

What is Mobile Marketing-

Mobile marketing is the procedure of advertising to the masses through their portable gadgets or mobile phones. This sort of marketing is relevant to online or internet advertising, nowadays with the advent of more usage of mobile phones and tabs- more individuals are beginning to invest more time on their portable devices and less time on their computers, so it is obvious that the concentration of marketing platforms have shifted from computers and internet to mobiles and portable devices.

There are a great l similitude between web advertising and portable advertising however there are some really vital distinctions and differences.

Mentioned below are some tools and methods of Mobile marketing-

Mobile phone marketing-

SMS (Short message services) on mobile phones are used to optimum effect for mobile marketing. Text messages regarding new offers or new business prospects would be sent to potential customers who would read the message and act according to their interest. Messages sent in bulk cost less and the target of reaching out to the people is achieved without making any heavy investments. SMS method is the most well-known way of mobile marketing. This is truly simply sending quick messages to individuals’ mobile devices or telephones and in a ton of routes is like message promoting. The most amazing element here is that you are endowed to have the ability to send your message to target customers who may read the message at their convenience.

Mobile media marketing-

Similar to SMS, there is an MMS (Multi-media message service) as well on our mobile phones. MMS service gives a business the freedom to deliver a more dynamic an effective message. In an MMS, sounds, pictures, videos, ads etc can be forwarded to potential customers who would respond if they are in need of the business propositions.

Online mobile marketing-

There are websites which are specially designed for mobiles. Portable devices do not have the same internet speed as computer routers and servers. Mobile websites are very easy to access due to the size of the webpage i.e. in Mb’s (megabytes). The costs of advertising on such mobile web pages are very affordable and are also a tool to get many customers.

This is one of the most common ways to market and advertise to the masses through the mobile marketing medium by placing advertisements on web browsers and search engines. With the advent of a huge number of people accessing the web pages using their mobile device recently, the mobile marketing platform is wider than before. Sooner or later, but inevitably mobile devices will surpass the computer as the mainstream or general way to browse the internet and get access to it.

Mobile app marketing-

With the introduction of tabs, androids, i-phones and smart phones, the usage of app’s (applications) on mobile and portable devices have increased. This is a complex procedure but a really effective method of mobile marketing. In this kind of marketing, businesses develop apps which are used by mobile users. If the app is liked by the mobile owner then the business name is considered and maybe a customer is attracted.

Example- If an air ticketing company wants to create an app to attract people and persuade them to buy tickets to various destinations across the world; they can create an app which will guide the user to check flight listings, timings, expenditure, offers etc. If the app name is based on the b=business name then, the air ticketing name will become synonymous with the app and people will enquire about tickets to the business which may offer discounts or promise so through their apps.

Nowadays more and more people have started to play games on their mobile phones businesses can start advertising their name and services through these games. When a person is playing a game, and your business name appears whenever the person wins- he remembers that name and connects to it whenever he visits the market. A business needs to contact a app developer who is under contract to develop an app game for some company, if the company agrees to publish or display your add it will benefit your business that too with lass investment. The quality and level of mobile app gaming is increasing rapidly and hence mobile app marketing has become a big platform to display your marketing skills for the growth of your business.

All of this concludes to one strong observation. Mobile marketing is on the rise and there is no reason or obstacle that might stall its growth. Using this affordable and effective medium of marketing, small businesses can actually compete with the bigger businesses in the market, not directly but gradually with the course of time. With mobile marketing, a small business may not always become as big as the elites but it can surely create an atmosphere that can make a business self-reliant and self sustaining.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Check Out

Every online marketing campaign should be accompanied by a set of mobile marketing campaign elements. The objectives should be established, tracking methods to attribute results, and mapping out the intended flow. Mobile marketing creates opportunities for creativity and to reach out to smartphone users.

When it started, mobile marketing just referred to phone. But now, you could be referring to an iPad, tablet, an application or a QR code. The definition of mobile is evolving, and more marketers are realizing how important it is to create their own marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile consumers may have a slightly different behavior towards advertisements on their handheld devices. These people are likely holding their phones to pass the time, or to make a standing in the line enjoyable. They want entertainment more than anything else.

Here are some creative mobile marketing campaigns:

Projection mapping by Cornetto. Implemented by Unilever, Cornetto used projection mapping to encourage passersby to play a game, win a code, and get free ice cream. It happened in Istanbul’s central square, wherein players can control a character using their keypads.

Complete the ad by Lynx. Also known as Axe in most countries, Lynx offered incomplete pictures of sexy female models to their male target audience. In order to get the missing parts, consumers need to send a text message to a number after 9 pm.

Say goodbye by Motorola. In a Japan airport, Motorola ran a campaign to help people say goodbye to their loved ones in a new way. They can choose a special message recorded by David Beckham or Jay Chow, which will be played at the departure gates.

Mobile Internet Marketing

Companies that have limited experience when it comes to mobile marketing campaigns, can use their knowledge of Google AdWords. Valuable information about how mobile users interact can be collected from Google Analytics and Google Keyword Tool.

Knowing how to use Google Analytics can give you everything you need in order to establish a mobile presence. Mobile advertising is still a new market than traditional advertising. The goals of these ads should be relatively similar to those of your traditional AdWords ads.

Advertising Agency

You don’t have to spend a lot on AdWords to get a lot out of advertising. When creating your campaign, make sure that you will attract the attention of your audience, raise their interest, convince them that they desire your product, and lead them to take action.

Use bid modifiers. A number of PPC professionals have suggested using bid modifiers to focus a campaign’s spend on mobile placement. It allows a marketer to increase or decrease bids by a percentage for ads appearing on mobile devices. Just go to the ‘Devices’ tab.

Mobile-preferred ads. Marketers also have the option to create mobile-preferred ads. These ads provide opportunity to customize messaging specifically to people on mobile devices. Just click the check box for “Mobile” under “Device preference” via the web interface.

Mobile-specific ad size. AdWords offers an option to convert the Flash files to HTML5 when uploading them. For display campaigns, the 320 × 50-pixel mobile leaderboard ad size will appear in a smartphone browser or app. You can even create animated ads to get more attention.

A good campaign needs to be monitored and tweaked regularly. Doing so can help eliminate ineffective keywords. The easiest way to create a mobile AdWords campaign is to get ideas from your existing campaign that targets laptops and desktops.

From there, businesses can adjust certain settings like their ad text to fit the needs of the mobile user. Companies that are already familiar with Google AdWords should know that launching a mobile campaign is simply a variation on a theme. With a targeted mobile campaign, you will discover how well your current web design is translating on mobile devices.

6 Effective Mobile Marketing Tips A Mobile Marketer Should Follow

Nowadays there are plenty associated with status and also surveys which can be showing the particular grow fact that mobile marketing and advertising and mobile marketers. By way of example, recent numbers from notice that 30% associated with emails are opened on mobile phones. Mobile Advertising grew by means of 150. 2% in last a couple of years! And an additional survey affirms Mobile Marketer’s employment opportunity features increased 68. 32% from your year 2010.

Mobile is not any longer a thing that “nose in order to have” it’s right now “need to own”. It features changed far within the marketing support. Changed purchaser behavior, convergence unit and transcending its role like a connection. I spite of this Mobile Marketer has promoted at the summit level associated with marketing support. On the internet there are 1000s of resources, e-books, guidelines, techniques plans, videos intended for Mobile Marketer. Here will be the 6 popular but successful techniques and tricks for you Portable Marketer that will help you to become a member of Mobile Marketing Revelation.

1. Examination your mobile adds about different phones and mobile web sites.

Check it in the same way that you’ll test the latest website in different computer systems and web browsers. From one device to a different, your website and adds may look totally different. You must test the mobile marketing campaign on many popular equipment, for being sure that the item looks close to each one.

2. Help to make your emails mobile welcoming

As we are marketable, we want to make just about every thing fairly. As like email marketing and advertising, pretty results in HTML emails, but this plan will slip flat in several situations about mobile marketing and advertising.

For the particular limits and also caps about mobile data plans- several users can not choose in order to download images like a default environment, graphics often does not load etc. Moreover “A style, at the most notable of any mobile e-mail can force the message away from sight” Therefore, it may be beneficial to use a nice graphic in the front area of one’s message.

Let the customer click an unknown number to complete a call quickly. Make certain it appears to be good using a phone, if you need to send them an internet site link. Now a day’s lots of people open their almost all email on the phones, so after you draft the emails it is important to keep this as the primary goal.

3. Target has created value within your target current market

If something that perceive your clients as useful, they will look closely at your mail messages. People will probably expect a thing more suited to their chaotic business or the straightforward life stile. If the audience may be the middle type family, you need to send a thing family linked.

As any Mobile marketer you need, you Mobile Marketing campaign to be successful. So solely send your clients perfect offers you might have. Make sure your customers can rely on you. Never overload with mail messages and spam so that they will end up being annoyed.

5. Improve data management and also reduces concentrating on errors:

You have to know that for your growing use of WiFi with mobile phones are decreasing the info linkage value of cell phone numbers. Therefore, the all round customer data & good quality of consumer relationships will probably improve regardless of having phone numbers in several mobile marketing and advertising.

Personalized messaging programs, having a distinctive ID or number are drastically improve CRM ethics for mobile marketers with to reload on inexact in transacting connecting techniques such as:

• Employing cookies: cookies are deleted occasionally from 20-50 percent of most PC consumers.

• Employing flash snacks (LSS): Flash cookies are often deleted and also regularly regarded a privacy invasion.

• Employing IP addresses: IP addresses are routinely dynamically assigned by Internet providers.

• Employing postal addresses: Postal addresses are required standardization, operations, special corresponding logic and also change-of-address to achieve even ninety seven percent corresponding accuracy rate.

5. Multimedia Messaging Assistance

It may be used to supply coupons and campaigns to fresh or present or the two customers. Your coupons may have promotional codes. A targeted tracking signal links these promotions on your mobile web sites. For bringing in new shoppers and worthwhile loyal ones, these coupons might be great.

6. Help it become easier to share in web 2.0

As we have been marketers, we all strive to be loved. Anyone desires to be shared and still have people dealing with them!

Help it become simple for your customers to share your mobile marketing adverts or services with their friends. Your web page should be related to any web 2. 0 pages these are related to your small business.

When folks share your internet site you need to track all of them. For an example: Suppose somebody tweeted the page. You must go in order to his/her consideration and follow him/her. Then send a message like “Thank anyone for tweeting your service. You need to, visit the following (your web site link) to get additional information). Additionally it is a twitter marketing approach.

After studying the approaches, you should have a better understanding of becoming a great mobile professional. There are various ways that one could apply in mobile marketing and advertising, if you are creative. Keeping these kind of techniques as the primary goal, you are now able to start refining the mobile marketing intend to make your online business successful.